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In 1994, Responsible Biosolids Management (RBM) began providing land application services in southern California. Our goal is to be a premier provider of biosolids management services, while advancing the understanding and beneficial reuse of biosolids.

GreenGro Renewables is a commonly owned and managed company, which focuses on several areas of environmental responsibility, including land application of biosolids and other recycling services. GreenGro provides options to clients who seek diversified management of recyclable materials, with almost 20 years experience through RBM.

Together, GreenGro and RBM strive to provide practical and affordable solutions to municipalities and publicly owned treatment works that rely on renewable methods to better serve their constituents and our environment.

Biosolids Management Process

RBM’s partner, the City of Los Angeles, published an education video series that describes the biosolids management process, the benefits of reusing biosolids, and other information. Please see the video series at the City of Los Angeles website.

City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation - Videos


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